About Us

Born International Trading is a company which operates under the Born Group that specializes in import and export services.

Born International Trading; with its experience and expertise, offers solution partnerships to domestic companies that want to export as well as to foreign companies that want to import products from Turkey. Born International Trading is proud to undertake the mission of being a bridge between Turkey and the rest of the world.

Born International Trading, with its experienced, expert staff who are well-versed in the tax, customs and export incentive laws of Turkey and all other countries as well, transforms its professionalism into advantages for all its business partners.

Born International Trading; guides both Turkish and foreign companies to find the ideal partners and the right retail businesses whether in Turkey or abroad. It also alleviates the load of tax and customs procedures for all its business partners.

Born International Trading is constantly increasing its range and its number of foreign agencies in the industry with a special emphasis on food, cosmetics, tourism, machinery spare parts and textile industries.